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Volume 9, Issue 3: July-September, 2023

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1 Review Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Novel Pharmacological Interventions in Ophthalmology: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Sokolov M.S, Kadanch S.M,  Yuri Smirnove
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2 Review Information resources of the World Health Organization in the analysis of the state of health of the population in setting priorities in health care
Bisera D. Y,  Svetlana S, Ralitsa M
14 Get Access
3 Review Advancements in Minimally Invasive Techniques for General Surgery: A Comprehensive Review
Nimet Fred Abraham, Alanis Maurene Maynerd, Clive Evelyn Lennon
27 Get Access
4 Review Complications of Bariatric Surgery: Assessing Risks and Implications for Patient Outcomes
Katheryn S. Albin, Giustino, Andie J. Remington
39 Get Access
5 Original Postoperative Pain Management Strategies in General Surgery: Efficacy and Patient Outcomes
Ariah S. Marybeth, Josiah R. Lanford
54 Get Access
6 Original Efficacy and Tolerability of Isotonic Normal Saline Nasal Irrigation During Postoperative Period of Nasal Surgery
Dr. Akeel Chillab Yusief, Dr. Imad Farhan Salman AlZubaidy, Dr.Ammar Jabbar Najm, Dr.Sajad Younis AL-Helo
65 Open Access
7 Original Metabolic Syndrome and Its Association with Cardiovascular Disease: Exploring Risks and Complications
Marianne Toby, Kristina Lara
81 Get Access
8 Original  Exploring the Impact of Surgical Site Infections on Surgical Outcomes in General Surgery: A Retrospective Analysis
Lallie K. Shanelle, Stefaniya D. Kamryn
92 Get Access
9 Original Impact of Air Pollution on Respiratory Health: Epidemiological Study in Public Health settings
Leone Canan F, Zhivka Rute N
101 Get Access
10 Original Quality of Life and Visual Outcomes Following Refractive Surgery: Long-term Follow-up and Patient Satisfaction
Radomir Adalberto, Lauren Kayce Sal
109 Get Access
11 Original Efficacy of a Novel Wound Dressing in Accelerating Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Daria L. Anina, Ricarda W. Denis,
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