Vol.7 ,3, 2021

Volume 7 Issue 3, July-September 2021

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 1 Editorial  Updates on COVID-19  Vaccines
2 Health Data Coronavirus Official Graphs – Graphs & Maps on COVID-19- Links of official sites Link
3 Health Data Global Daily Statistics of SARS-Cov-2: Links of official sites
4 Review Article  Systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Ricardo Fernand,   Alberto  Ramón, José Castro
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5 Original article  Magnitude of gastric or duodenal reflux, clinical and endoscopic findings
Alex Castillo, Octavio Aguirre
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6 Original article  Mid Trimester Termination of Pregnancy in Patients with Two or More Previous Scars by Using Safe Regime of Misoprostol
Dr. Nadia Fadil Abbas, Dr. Adawia Shams Saeed
7 Original article  Incidence and Infective Microorganism of Pin Tract Infection
Dr. Barzan N.M. Sharif , Prof. Dr. Omer Ali Rafiq Barawi
8 Original article  Management of Breast cancers-15 years-Experience
Luthar M., Fred S, Mari F, Jang M, Gupta S. 
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9 Original article  Outcomes of Educational Programs on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 among
Health Policy College-California
Jerrard M., Nancy P, Fride L
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10 Original article  Association of Pre-gestational Overweight and Obesity with Cesarean Section Delivery
Dr. Nabilah Abduljaleel Kadhim Alyasiri  and  Dr. Inas Qasim Mohmmed Hadi;
11 Original article  Clinicopathological features for High Grade Glioma Tumors in Rizgary Cancer Center: a Six Years’ experience
Ary Abdulrahman Darwish, Abdulmunem Ahmad Al-Mafraji , Jangi Shawkat Salai
12 Original article  Analysis of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopic Findings in Al-Hussain Teaching Hospital in Karbala Governorate
Ammar Abbas Neamah, Qasim Hussein Jalil , Husam Abbas Hammadi
13 Original article  Electrolytes Disorders in Kidney Transplant Recipients in Erbil City
Bland Imad Farooq, Safaa Ezzuldin Nooraldin, Majeed Hasan Mahmood
14 Original article  Risk Factors of Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection in Hemodialysis Patients in Erbil City
Shwan A.Q. Haydari, Safaa Ezzuldin Nooraldin , Majeed Hasan Mahmood
15 Original article Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Estimate  Posterior Tibial Slope of Knee Joint with and without ligamentous Injuries
Ali Kalaf Mehdi, Atheer Raisan Dwesh Al-saadawy


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