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Volume 8, Issue 1: January-March, 2022

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1 Original article Neonatal extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: 9 years of experience
Martínez Criado 
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2 Original article The Analgesic Effect of Ultrasound Guided Quadratus Lumborum Block Versus Transversus Abdominis Plane Block Following Cesarean Section
Khalaf A.J., Salman H.H., Hussain B. M
3 Original article Cross-sectional study of the deviation of the nasal septum in operated unilateral fissures
Marrasco Andrews,  Brignardello González
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4 Original article Prevalence of Cardiac Complications among Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients in Erbil
Dr. Ahmed O. M. Saeed, Dr. Rafid Fayadh Al-aqeedi 
5 Original article Assessment of outcomes of pediatric patients operated on for gastroesophageal reflux
Esteban Fernand
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6 Original article Fifteen- year Experience with Testicular Tumors at a Private Lab in Al-Najaf City, Iraq
Kaswer Musa Jaffar Al Toriahi1, Muntadher Abdulla M.Jawad Zmezim
7 Original article Burns in adolescents
Ortiz Rodríguez, E. Domínguez Amillo
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8 Original article Correlation between new MRI Grading for Cervical Spinal Canal Stenosis and clinical symptoms in Sulaimani
Dhari H.E. and Saleh K.A.
9 Original article Relationship between body weight and acute appendicitis in children
Vila M, Carbó S.
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10 Original article Assessment of Intravascular Volume in Intensive Care Patients by Using Bedside Ultrasound
Hyder Saeed Gatea,  Shahlaa Yahya Ibrahim,  Ali Shawqi Saadon
11 Original article Features of the management of pregnant women with thyroid pathology
Kaminsky Tatarchuk
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12 Original article Maternal and  Fetal Perinatal Outcomes of Pregnancies Complicated with Placenta Previa-A 5-year Clinical Study
Rasha Najah Yaseen Al-Baaj
13 Original article Prevention and Management of Moderate to Severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
Shalko OI Gervazyuk
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14 Original article Assessment of Magnesium Sulfate in Bronchospasm Treatment
Kadhim A. A, Suhail L. H, Qader H.A.
15 Original article The Relationship between Clinical Features and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Proven Lumbar Disc Bulging and Herniation
Iba’a Nadhum Ali , Khalid Jawad Mutlag and Ali Sagid Khudair
16 Original article Surgical Outcome of Excision and End to End Anastomosis Urethroplasty in Patients with Short Bulbar Urethral Stricture
Muthanna H. Al-Athari, Hasanain Abdulmahdi Radhi
17 Original article Relationship between Prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and weight retention after labor
Corimanya M, Judith S.
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18 Original article Typical chest CT finding for corona virus pneumonia with relationships to positive RT-PCR testing
Dr. Shanga S.M. Ameen, Dr. Sameeah A. Rashid
19 Original article Health Status and Patient’s Satisfaction One Year and More After Bariatric Surgery in Karbala City
Sabah Kareem Al Hussaini, Maha sahab al kabbi
20 Original article Assessment of Her2/Neu status by Silver Insitu Hybridization in Immunohistochemistry Equivocal Cases of Invasive Breast Cancer-Cross Sectional Study
in a Sample of Iraqi Patient
Dr. Noor Mohamed Hameed Merza, Dr. Aseel Abd Al -Zahra Alqzweni


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